For more than two centuries in the alto Monferrato

The origins of the Bancalari family are ancient and date back to the 1300s. Ligurian family, rooted in the Genoese Levant, which from 1700 began to settle in Piedmont, in the upper Monferrato.

In the 1900s the destinies meet with those of the Bergaglio family, historical family of the Val Lemme area.

The two families have always lived between Gavi and Capriata d’Orba, in the heart of the Cortese and Barbera vineyards, already at the center of rural life for two centuries.

This is the origin of Bancalari wines, the fruit of historical passion and marked natural qualities of the grapes.

Family, territory, contemporary.

Next to the Cortese vine and the Barbera vine, this particular part of Alto Monferrato territory, between Novi Ligure, Ovada and Alessandria, has always been considered exceptional for meats, game, truffles and porcini mushrooms.

The Bancalari wines, like the historical gastronomic delicacies of the area, have a strong personality and express a pleasant balance between flavor and minerality that is unique in its kind.

The ancient landowners and vineyards have always been protagonists in the secular family stories, since 1984 the owners of Bancalari have come back to knock at the heart and the entrepreneurial passion of Marianna and Medea.

Family, territory, contemporary. - Bancalari
Wines. - Bancalari
Metodo Classico
Bancalari Spumante Brut

Vendemmia 2017 Vitigni Chardonnay e Pinot Nero Sboccatura 2019 Grado alcolico effettivo 12,5% Acidità totale 6,1 Acidità Volatile 0,24 pH 3,21 Residuo zuccherino 6 g/l

With a fine and persistent perlage, of a straw yellow color, with light golden reflections, the nose is harmonious, with hints of flowers, chamomile, bread crust and pastry. On the palate a good acidity is balanced to the residual sugar giving fullness to these bubbles, made unique by the elegance of the Chardonnay which is well balanced with the structure of Pinot Noir.

In the back taste the almond, the toasted bread, the yellow pulp fruits and the field grass are felt.


This charmat brut sparkling wine is obtained with a blend of Pinot Nero and Cortese grapes, an autochthonous white berry vine cultivated in Piedmont since the 18th century. Refined sparkling wines that express a deep aromatic rich of fragrances and citrusy nuances.

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44º 44' NORD

The name of this rosé wine is the coordinates of the latitude of Capriata d’Orba, where the grapes with which this surprising rosé wine is produced. Cortese and Barbera del Monferrato for a slightly pétillant and very cool rosé.

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Barbera del Monferrato

The Barbera of Monferrato BANCALARI is recognisable by its bright ruby red colour and by its extremely fine perfume, given by the perfect ripening of the grapes.
A historical Piedmontese red vine for a great classic of the Italian wine tradition.

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DOCG del comune di Gavi

The Gavi docg del Comune di Gavi BANCALARI Bancalari is obtained with grapes of Cortese from a vineyard in the municipality of Gavi. This excellent white wine of the Piedmontese tradition stands out for its structure, fresh aroma and pleasantness.

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